TCH will provide 10,000 affordable apartments with prime location and reasonable quality

(Updated: 28/4/2017)

From the next three to five years, the chairman of the board of management of the company, Mr. Do Huu Ha, expects the company will provide 10,000 units to the market, most of which are affordable houses with prime location and reasonable quality.

On April 26, more than 200 investors attended the "Meeting and talking with investors" event of Hoang Huy Investment Services JSC (TCH). The event was attended by more than 20,000 people who were eagerly watching the online event and sent questions to TCH management via all information channels.

"By this event, we look forward to building an effective bridge between the investors and the Company. We are willing to listen, share the necessary information so that investors can fully understand the situation of production and business activities, the development orientation of the company "- said Mr. Do Huu Ha the Chairman.

TCH will provide 10,000 affordable apartments

Operating since 1995, becoming well-known in the market for two core areas: automobile and real estate. In the field of automobile, TCH is a distributor of genuine vehicles branded International of the United States, which is preferred in the market for superior quality, the products are currently the most popular and the best in Vietnam. By the end of fiscal year 2016, Hoang Huy's vehicles sales reached nearly 2,000 units, up nearly four times compared to 2015. At the event, TCH has shared business results in 2016 and goals, business planning orientation and development in the next 5 years. Accordingly, at the end of fiscal year 2016, the company's revenue reached more than 1,400 billion VND, up 30% compared to that of 2015; Profit after tax reached more than 500 billion VND.

In the field of real estate business, TCH is currently carrying out a parallel project including commercial complex and Golden Land apartment complex at 275 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. 1,000 apartments, total investment over 4,000 billion; And Pruksa Town low-income urban area of ​​20.69 ha with about 2,500 apartments in An Duong, An Dong, Hai Phong.

During the period of 2014-2016, these two projects provide nearly 1,000 apartments to the housing market. This also brings thousands of billion in revenue and hundreds of billion in profits to the company.

On the development goals in the next five years, TCH will implement the strategy of expanding the business of American International tractor, aiming to achieve the target of 5,000 vehicles per year nationwide, to uniform 3S system services, increase utility and experience for users.

In the field of real estate business, TCH put high priority on the proportion of investment to expand new projects, aiming to dominate housing segment. From next three to five years, TCH expects to supply 10,000 units to the market, most of which are affordable houses. “Good location, high quality, reasonable price" is Hoang Huy's warranty to customers. Hoang Huy wishes to contribute to change the perception of affordable housing, bring a beautiful and full life to the middle and low income communities.

"The first and foremost orientation of TCH is transparency and efficiency. The company will always be oriented towards sustainable development in production and business activities, while ensuring the benefits of shareholders "- Said the Chairman of the Board of TCH, Mr. Do Huu Ha.


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